White Genocide

Amid rising violence against Whites; East London has become a nogo zone where Whites fear to tread

The Public Slate
exposing the shocking rise in anti-white violence in South Africa as farm murders skyrocket and the government remains in denial

American Renaissance  
Member of SoutH Africa's ruling ANC calls for mass bewitching of white people

Eyewitness News  
White business owners in Namibia forced to sell one quarter of their company to blacks

New Observer  
South African Mayor states Whites who oppose the ANC and "social cohesion" will be "crushed"

American Renaissance  
White South African Farmers murdered at rate 20 times the international average

South African woman sues police department after suffering racial and physical abuse at the hands of several black officers

American Renaissance  
Turkish dictator Erdogan encourages Turks living in Europe to have 5 children proclaims "you are the future of Europe"

American Renaissance  
Turkish Minister claims "Holy wars will soon begin in Europe" after political controversy involving The Netherlands and Dutch elections

The Daily Caller
South African president calls for seizure of White-owned land in zimbabwe style land grab


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