Hate Crime Hoaxes

false flags to create a false narrative

The College Fix
Analysis of the ongoing hate crime hoax epidemic from the asst. editor

Breitbart - Church organist Admits to vandalizing own church with swastika and 'Heil trump' graffiti

The College Fix
Black man caught hanging a sign stating
"no black people allowed" on gate to residence hall

The Daily Caller
Moslem professor at Indiana State University facing charges after being caught sending threatening messages to himself

Charlotte Observer
Hate Crime Hoax Update: Black male arrested in Charlotte case of arson and intimidating note left at immigrant owned business

Daily Wire
Suspect behind series of threatening letters to black Knoxville, TN residents identified as a black male

NBC Charlotte tweets discovery of black arson suspect who left a"White supremacist" note near the scene

Israeli jew arrested for numerous bomb threats to Jewish centers across united states

Diversity Leadership Council at Adolphus College admits to posting "racist" flyers

ABC 15
Suspects apprehended in alleged hate crime where a menorah was turned into swastika. No "Neo-Nazis" involved, four black men arrested

American Renaissance
Concordia University bomb threat during "Muslim awareness week" perpetrated by Moslem grad student

American Renaissance
"Non-Caucasian" student identified as perpetrator of racist graffiti incident at Minnesota high school


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