Darren Curnoe BA, PhD  Associate Professor UNSW

Darren Curnoe BA, PhD

Associate Professor UNSW

Darren Curnoe

Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Director of PANGEA

Research: Human and primate palaeontology, evolutionary biology

Classes taught include: Environmental Earth Science, Vertebrae Zoology, Life through Time, Human Evolution, and Assembling the Tree of Life. 

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Darren Curnoe, a specialist of evolutionary biology, gets funding through the University of New South Wales for research. He has written articles claiming that race classification was one of the biggest mistakes in human history because of racism affects on science. In his writings he considers race a cultural delusion, and not a biological reality. 

His articles have quoted sources that are supportive of black lives matter type rhetoric, stating; [Racial privilege affects anthropologists' views on race...]. Key sources in his anti-white articles have been Wikipedia pages, his own column articles, and opinion pieces in the NY Times. Other quotes given as sources were of American anthropologist Ashely Montagu in 1941, three years before Genetic inheritance was discovered in 1943 and almost a decade before the DNA structure was discovered in the early 1950s.







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