The Anti-White Report 06-11-2017

White Genocide
How suggestions of violence against Trump are conditioning violence towards all Whites

Breitbart London
Sexual assault cases at Swedish music festivals rise more than 1000%. Majority of cases involve migrant invader male and Swedish girl

Anti-White Indoctrination

Campus Reform
Professor claims White marble sculptures contribute to 'White Supremacy'

Campus Reform
Conference of University Professors declare Whiteness is Inherently violent and diversity of thought is just 'White supremacist bullshit'

Campus Reform
UPDATE: LSU Students rally to defend their mascot from racially motivated sjw attack

The College Fix
University of Michigan - Flint admits to illegal racial discrimination against White Men for years in faculty awards

Erasing White Identity

Fox 2
St. Louis begins removal of confederate memorial in Forest park

Anti-White Hate

American Renaissance
Former South African Democratic Alliance Party leader Helen Zille believes she received punishment for tweets because she is White

Narrative Collapse
Over 200 black on white felony Homicides so far in 2017; White on black number only 6

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