The Anti-White Report 05-08-2017

White Genocide:
Study of sickle cell cases reveal shocking levels of Africanization taking place in France

American Renaissance
An examination of the rise in violent black on White crime in America

American Renaissance
Chronicling the disturbing phenomenon of Racially motivated black on white rape

Full scale genocide of Whites in South Africa looming on the horizon

Erasing White Identity:

The College Fix
Students at Reed college protest Greco-Roman literature class for being "too white" claim the lack of colored writers in the course oppresses them

Occidental Dissent
Antifa Communists escalate tense situation to violent street battles over removal of confederate monuments in New Orleans

Occidental Dissent
Black Marxist group 'Take em down NOLA' expands target list; takes aim at monument to George Washington

Anti-White Indoctrination:

The College Fix
University of Iowa hosts three day event to 'Explore White Identity' and how White students can best submit and serve non-Whites

The Daily Caller
Illegal alien student at UC Berkeley suggest celebrating May 5th by 'Beating the shit out of White people'

Hate Crime Hoax:

Church organist Admits to vandalizing own church with swastika and 'Heil trump' graffiti to spur action


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