The Anti-White Report 05-22-2017

White Genocide

American Renaissance
Memoirs of White South Africans tell the horrors of a white minority under black rule

American Renaissance
BBC Drama 'Three Girls' depicts abuse White British girls suffered at the hands of the Rochdale grooming gang

Anti-White Indoctrination

American Renaissance
Anti-White bias in university admissions detailed in new book 'Who Gets In'

University of Hawaii professor calls for
'White cis Men' to resign

Yale Dean suspended for Yelp review mocking 'White trash' patrons

Campus Reform
University of Chicago student group demands funding for race based academic departments and housing to exclude White students

Campus Reform
UCLA to hire a squad of social justice snitches to report on White male students who engage in 'microagressions'

Campus Reform
UPDATE: Texas A&M Professor Tommy Curry is a long time advocate of white genocide

The College Fix
Western Kentucky University faculty back student government resolution to grant free tuition for all black students

Columbia University Professor given $229,061 grant to study 'microagressions'

Erasing White Identity
How the left seeks to destroy White Identity through cultural alienation
White replacement agenda put on full display at Miss USA 2017 pageant

Remains of P.G.T. Beauregard and Jefferson Davis Statues taken down in New Orleans found in the trash

Anti-White Hate

Narrative Collapse
Media ignores black on White shooting which leaves White family devastated; 4 dead 1 injured
Suspect's homies boast on social media

Hate Crime Hoax

The College Fix
Analysis of the ongoing hate crime hoax epidemic from the asst. editor

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