The Anti-White Report 05-15-2017

White Genocide

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Blacks target White neighborhood in Coligny South Africa race riot; raze three homes to the ground as open war looms

OBC Media
Texas A&M Professor claims 'White people may have to die' in order to achieve equality. UPDATE: Professor will keep his job

Rotherham grooming gang survivor speaks out on authorities' desire to cover up crimes and protect rapists

Anti-White Indoctrination

The College Fix
Whites banned from student cafe at American University in Washington D.C. after university caves to student demands

Erasing White Identity
In response to city plan to remove confederate monuments, alt-right activists stage massive protest; hold torchlight rally

Anti-White Hate

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White cyclists targeted by blacks in New Orleans; police attempt to cover it up

The Daily Wire
Very fake news CNN incites anti-White hatred with cropped photo attempting to demonize Trump team

Hate Crime Hoax

'Racist note' which lead to a week of protests and cancellation of classes now revealed to be a hoax

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