The Anti-White Report 04-30-2017

White Genocide: -
Amid rising violence against Whites; East London has become a no-go zone where Whites fear to tread

The Public Slate -
exposing the shocking rise in anti-white violence in South Africa as farm murders skyrocket and the government remains in denial

Erasing White Identity: -
Several confederate monuments torn down under cover of darkness and police snipers in New Orleans

Breitbart -
Group of senior UK lawyers claim the "diversity deficit" in Britain's judiciary is a constitutional crisis; demand radical changes to replace white men with non-whites

Breitbart - MSNBC host questions White achievement, claiming white men are given undue credit for intelligence

Anti-White Indoctrination:

Campus Reform -
Kentucky college votes to give black students "free" tuition as reparations; Other students, predominantly white, will have to foot the bill

Campus Reform -
Students at Pomona college demand offer to White professor be revoked because of her race and a non-white professor be hired instead

Campus Reform -
Macalester college student organization "Stop White Noise"  engage in vague anti-white protest against "the centrality of whiteness"

The College Fix - Students across Claremont colleges demand reparations; Pomona students demand payment for letter claiming truth is a white invention and demanding conservative students be expelled

Campus Reform -
Admission to exclusive class at Pomona college will prioritize non-white students for acceptance


The College Fix -
UPDATE: New Trier High school cancels all day
"white privilege" workshop after strong opposition from parents

Hate Crime Hoax:

The College Fix -
Black man caught hanging a sign stating
"no black people allowed" on gate to residence hall complex




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