The Anti-White Report 04-24-2017

Breitbart - Anti-White Hate Crime:
Black gunman kills four Whites in racially motivated shooting spree; mocks courtroom with racially charged demands - Anti-White Hate Group:
Exposing a network of anti-White organizations reveals powerful forces aligned against White Americans

American Renaissance - Erasing White History: University of Cape Town art collection condemned for being too White and too male; task force to remove "problematic" artwork

The College Fix - Anti-White Indoctrination:
New study finds increasing number of Colleges and Universities require "diversity pledge" for hiring and advancement

The Daily Caller - Hate Crime Hoax:
Moslem professor at Indiana State University facing charges after being caught sending threatening messages to himself

LA Times - Erasing White History:
Proposal seeks to remove statue of Athena in Monterey Park and replace it with Chinese statue

Narrative Collapse - Anti-White Hate:
Principal attacked by anti-White NAACP for daring to protect White students by placing them together in 90% non-White school

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