The Anti-White Report 04-10-2017

American Renaissance - Anti-White Bias: University of Texas professor tweets vile stream of anti-White hate; remains employed

American Renaissance - Update:
Professors who researched White "Deaths of Despair" under attack for daring to care about White lives

American Renaissance - White Genocide:
White South African Farmers murdered at rate 20 times the international average

Breitbart - Anti-White Bias:
So called "White Allies" no longer welcome; banned from Philadelphia BLM event

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination: Antifa rioters at Claremont McKenna College segregate by race; use Whites as buffer for police

Campus Reform - Erasing White History:
Harvard alma mater to be changed, removing reference to "the stock of the puritans"

The College Fix - Anti-White Indoctrination:
Case Western University considers implementing an "Oath of Inclusion" swearing to diversity

The College Fix - Erasing White History:
Loyola University allows students to skip Western civ courses in favor of diversity indoctrination

The Daily Telegraph - Anti-White Bias:
White Australian mother and son banned from playgroup because of their race

The Daily Wire - Anti-White Hate Crime:
Black woman viciously assaults White couple with a hammer while screaming racial epithets

Twitter - Hate Crime Hoax:
NBC Charlotte tweets discovery of black arson suspect who left a"White supremacist" note near the scene

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