The Anti-White Report 03-27-2017 - Hate Crime Hoax:
Israeli jew arrested for numerous bomb threats to Jewish centers across united states

AmRen - Anti-White Indoctrination:
"Dear White People" signs at NC State University Attack whites, claim blacks can't be racist

AmRen - White Decline:
Brookings Institution study finds climbing white mortality rate due to skyrocketing number of "deaths of despair"

AmRen - White Genocide:
South African woman sues police department after suffering racial and physical abuse at the hands of several black officers

Breitbart - Anti-White Hate Crime:
Black female basketball players assault White opponents over "culturally appropriated" braid hairstyle

Breitbart - Hate Crime Hoax:
Diversity Leadership Council at Adolphus College admits to posting "racist" flyers

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination: Loyola-Chicago creates "anti-racism" group to shame white students for "privilege"

Daily Caller - Anti-White Bias:
Los Angeles Middle school to lose district funding for having too many White students

Huddersfield Examiner - Grooming Gangs:
29 Moslems charged in grooming gang which trafficked more than a dozen British girls between the ages of 11 and 17. One in Four perpetrators is named "Mohammed"

Infowars - Anti-White Bias:
Facebook post calling for White women to be "hunted and killed" is not hate speech according to moderators; does not violate community standards

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