The Anti-White Report 03-20-2017

ABC 15 - Hate Crime Hoax:
Suspects apprehended in alleged hate crime where a menorah was turned into swastika. No "Neo-Nazis" involved, four black men arrested

American Renaissance - Anti-White Hate Crime: Obatala Mcambi arrested for social media post claiming "I use my guns to rob and kill Indians & Whites"

American Renaissance - White Genocide:
Turkish dictator Erdogan encourages Turks living in Europe to have 5 children proclaims "you are the future of Europe"

American Renaissance - White Genocide:
Turkish Minister claims "Holy wars will soon begin in Europe" after political controversy involving The Netherlands and Dutch elections

Breitbart - Anti-White Hate Crime:
Four black men viciously beat White man who offered to help pay for their meal. Fifth black picks pockets as he lay unconscious

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination:
UC Berkeley breaks the bank with lavish boat cruise, alcohol, for non-White only school sponsored party

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination: Iowa State University holds "Social Justice Summit" to berate Whites for their "privilege" and role in perpetuating "oppression" of non-Whites

Daily Mail - Anti-White Hate Crime:
Caught on CCTV, three moslem men shout racial slurs and attack white woman walking home with her boyfriend

Narrative Collapse - Anti-White Hate Crime:
12 year old White boy savagely beaten by older black student on school bus

Narrative Collapse - Anti-White hate Crime:
18 Year old white female kidnapped, tortured, and gang raped by three black men in Texas. UPDATE: Chief of Police Responds


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