The Anti-White Report 03-14-2017

American Renaissance - Erasing White History: Federal court ruling allows for removal of confederate monuments in Louisianna

American Renaissance - Hate Crime Hoax: Concordia University bomb threat during "Muslim awareness week" perpetrated by Moslem grad student

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination: "White Person's Accountability Group" formed at MIT to berate Whites for alleged inherent racism

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination:
UC Davis issues glossary of social justice terminology which asserts only Whites are capable of racism

The College Fix - SJW Fatigue:
Chapman University workshop to deconstruct White identity draws only two attendees

The Daily Wire - Anti-White Indoctrination:
Study guide from George Washington University defines racism as a white only offense

Narrative Collapse - Anti-White Hate Crime: White Indiana woman assaulted and racially abused by pack of 12 blacks

Narrative Collapse - Anti-White Hate Crime: Elderly disabled white woman called a "white bitch" and brutally beaten by black assailant

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