The Anti-White Report 02-06-2017

3AW - Anti-White Hate Crime: White Australian woman with medical condition attacked by black gang. Attackers viciously kick her in the head and scream "white bitch."

Breitbart - SNL attacks Trump: Skit slings mud with the slur "little white bitch."

College Fix - Erasing White History: Statue of Christopher Columbus at Pepperdine University to be removed after University caves in to student demands.

College Fix - Fake Oppression: Black Ivy League Student Claims "mental breakdown" over Professor who would not censor students nor apologize

College Fix - Anti-White Indoctrination: Ohio State University course targets white identity for deconstruction by examining "white privilege"

Washington Times - White History Under Attack: Students demand University of London be "Decolonized" by removing White philosophers from curriculum

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