The Anti-White Report 02-26-2017

Campus Reform - CA Gov. Jerry Brown proposes cuts to mostly white middle class scholarship fund while increasing funding of scholarships for illegal aliens

College Fix - University of Michigan Students demand segregated no-Whites "Safe space" to be used as social justice activism HQ

Daily Caller - Anti-White Indoctrination: Seattle preschool will push "social justice" and condition White children to purge their inherent racism, sexism, and discrimination

Daily Mail - Anti-White Hate Crime: Moslem man spits on white nine-month old baby's face, shouts "White people shouldn't breed." Despite similar prior convictions, will not face jail time

Daily Wire - Minnesota High school band to completely exclude White composers from song selections

Infowars - Invasion of Europe: Gang rape of Swedish woman by tunisian migrants live-streamed on facebook. Perpetrators remain free.

New Observer - Blame White People: Despite no evidence of discrimination found by investigation, civil rights group hurls blame for the Flint Water crisis on white people

Occidental Observer - Presenting a case study in anti-White activism

Time - White Decline: America slips toward majority non-white future as White deaths exceed births in 17 states

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