The Anti-White Report 02-19-2017

ABC – Hate Crime Hoax: A recent "Hate Crime" used to stoke White guilt has been revealed to be committed by an acquaintance of the victim.

Breitbart – White Genocide: Angela Merkel calls upon Europe to allow even greater numbers of migrants into the EU, claims Islam is not connected to terror despite the epidemic of crime and radical islamic terror attacks in Europe.

Breitbart – Anti-White Hate: Leader of Toronto BLM group claims White people are "recessive genetic defects." Tweets about "Killing Men and White Folks"

Breitbart – Anti-White Indoctrination: University of Cincinnati to conduct workshops attacking White Identity as "White Fragility" and dismissing concerns as "White Tears."

Campus Reform – Fighting Back: Parents of Students at New Trier High School organize to fight leftist, Anti-White agenda of mandatory workshop.

Daily Wire – Anti-White Indoctrination: New York School District promotes BLM terror group with "Black Lives Matter at School" day.

Fox News – Anti-White Activists: Group of Wisconsin students claim there are too many White students, use of SAT and ACT scores in admissions "Upholds White Supremacy." They demand free tuition and housing.

Ledger-Enquirer – Anti-White Crime: Homeless black man with HIV brags about raping white woman. Tells officer he "Had the White Bitch without a condom.”

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