The Anti-White Report 02-12-2017 - White Genocide: Former Communist party member turned EU Minister attempts to guilt Europeans into accepting replacement level immigration.

American Renaissance - White Genocide [Video]: Bill Kristol claims White Americans are "lazy, spoiled" and deserve to be replaced by third world immigrants.

American Renaissance - Anti-White Indoctrination: Chicago High School attacks White students for having "inherent White bias." School takes aim to "correct" them with mandatory workshop.

American Renaissance - Affirmative Action: Barnard College to hire exclusively non-white professors, offer extra assistance to non-white students and mandate "social justice" workshops as part of $400 million diversity initiative.

Breitbart - Chicago Four: Suspects in brutal, racially motivated, Facebook Live torture of disabled White man plead Not Guilty.

Council of Conservative Citizens - Anti-White Violence: NYPD evidence shows rape and murder of White "Queens Jogger" by Black male was racially motivated.

Campus Reform - Anti-White Indoctrination: St. Joseph's University Professor claims election of Donald J. Trump is "violence" and Whites are to blame.

Campus Reform - Erasing White History UPDATE: Pepperdine University removes protestor dressed as Columbus after removing Christopher Columbus statue.

Daily Caller - Inciting Anti-White Violence: BLM Protestor and Middle school teacher demands whites cede money, property, and lives to blacks as reparations. Exclaims "We need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House."


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